Spring forest planting activities have become a beautiful and meaningful tradition of the Grigeo Group team

In spring, after snowmelt, forest planting is the most important work of foresters. The Grigeo Grigiškės AB group of companies helps in forest planting and it has become a beautiful spring tradition. This year is no exception. On April 15, we again invited all our Group employees to contribute to voluntary unpaid work at the Trakai Forest enterprise.

This year our forest planting surpassed its record high – we planted 7000 seedlings in an area of 1.3 ha: spruce, pine, birch, rowan and viburnum. Within half a day, the plantation was restored. In a few years, the nice green saplings will remind us of a day spent in a meaningful way.

The Grigeo Grigiškės AB group of companies, along with the Trakai Forest enterprise team, has participated in the reforestation campaign for its seventh year. During that time, we have planted about 30,000 plants in an area a little larger than 8 ha, mainly spruce, pine, oak and birch.

We welcome this meaningful work, which enhances our team spirit and contributes to a beautiful tradition of nurturing nature and restoring forests!

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