Grigeo Grigiškės AB began supplying heat to the Vilnius heating network system

The heat sector of Grigeo Grigiškės AB has technically and historically been associated with the Grigiškės residential district heating networks operated by Vilniaus Energija UAB, and Grigeo Grigiškės AB produced and supplied heat energy to this neighbourhood till 01.09.2011.
Starting from 01.09.2011, Grigeo Grigiškės AB only manufactured steam and thermal energy for its own needs and the needs of its group of companies. The company has been particularly active in strengthening its heating facility infrastructure and its technical base, thus actively contributing to Lithuania’s international obligations to increase the use of renewable energy sources in energy production and optimizing production costs.
I am pleased to announce that in April of this year, the company resumed the supply of thermal energy to the Vilnius heat grid system. On completion of the implementation of the connection project “Independent heat producers to the Vilnius heating network system project”, Grigeo Grigiškės AB and Vilniaus Energija UAB signed a heat energy purchase – sales contract under which the company undertook to supply energy for the needs of the Grigiškės residential district from April 2016.
The company produces heat energy in a 10 MW biofuel station with a 2 MW condensing economizer built in October 2014 and has supplied it from an intermediate thermal substation building since 2016.
In total, Grigeo Grigiškės AB has invested over EUR 4.2 million into this heat energy production and supply project, including EUR 1.7 million of support funds (Project No VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K-02-020).

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