Certificates Issued to Acknowledge Purposeful and Consistent Work in Developing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for Our Group’s Companies

From May 2016 on, three companies of the Grigeo Grigiškės AB company group may be proud having successfully implemented the occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007.

The certificates issued to Grigeo Grigiškės AB, Grigeo Klaipėdos Kartonas AB and Grigeo Baltwood UAB certify that the companies comply with the requirements of the occupational health and safety management system standard, i.e. identifying and evaluating occupational risks, foreseeing risk factor management measures, ensuring safe work methods, continuously improving safety and health of one’s employees and encouraging the employees to work safely, protecting health of people around them as well as their own.

There is nothing more valuable than a person’s health, let alone his life; therefore, the Grigeo Grigiškės AB company group is particularly consistent about shaping a culture of safe work in all the companies within the group. We continuously invest into development of a safe work environment, implement various preventive measures, organise regular employee safe work trainings, encourage a healthy lifestyle and raise one’s awareness of safety and health of people around oneself as well as one’s own. It is not merely a formality but ‘Grigeo’s’ lifestyle.

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