We invite pupils and students to discover Grigeo AB!

Our goal is that your visit at our company is not only fun, but also safe and problem-free, so please consider these basic rules:

1. We are an actively working company, so the number of available tours is limited, and their time must be arranged in advance.

2. In order to arrange an excursion of students or pupils to Grigeo AB, please send a request to the General Manager of Grigeo AB at least 5 working days in advance, specifying a list of the students or pupils that will be coming, and any accompanying persons, the time and date, and a contact person, who we can contact and discuss the details of your arrival.
    Please send a printed and signed request to aurelija.valujeviciene@grigeo.lt 

    Telephone for inquiries: (8 618) 02 434.

3. Groups of visitors – from 10 to 25 people.

4. The duration of the tour is about 1 hour.

5. Age of visitors/tourists –9 years old and up.

6. Tours are designed for educational purposes and visits are free of charge.

You are kindly welcome!